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JI held the International Students Virtual Summer School 2021

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Correspondent: Li Jing, translated by Sun Mengyu

From July 5th to 19th in 2021, endorsed by Central China Normal University and University of Wollongong, the CCNU-UOW Joint Institute (JI) organized the summer camp for artificial intelligence projects to promote the academic exchanges and cooperation. It was also a summer camp for both international and domestic outstanding college students. This project aimed to exchange academic works and experience among students to broaden international horizon and mutual understandings among college students from different background. Due to the COVID-19, the summer camp was held in a hybrid way. Through the summer camp, the students promoted their communication and academic skills, and also enjoyed an unforgettable summer vacation. Now, we will review it together!

1. Nice to meet you

There were 28 students participating in the international summer camp, most of whom were from our partner institution, University of Wollongong. At the opening ceremony, JI’s Dean Professor Yu Xinguo warmly welcomed all students attending this summer school and then gave a brief introduction about the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence in Education and JI, CCNU. Then, the project lecturer briefly introduced the projects of the Summer Camp and the participating students introduced themselves to each other, looking forward to the following activities!

Prof. Yu Xinguo is making the first speech at the Opening Ceremony

Students’ self-introduction

2. AI projects and lectures

The theme of this summer camp was artificial intelligence. JI invited Associate Professor Jiang Fan from University of Northern British Columbia to give lectures. Dr. Jiang Fan explained the role data mining played in artificial intelligence from the perspective of big data, and explored the history, current situation and possible future development direction of artificial intelligence from machine learning algorithms.

Dr. Jiang Fan is giving lecture


To strengthen communication and collaboration, Dr. Zhang Ting and Dr. Sun Chao provided many artificial intelligence projects for participants to choose. Students were divided into several groups according to their interests. Each group chose one from the eight projects to explore, complete and make the final presentation at the summer camp.

Teachers and students are discussing about AI projects

3.Experience Chinese Culture

We have also arranged various Chinese culture lectures, such as Tai Chi, Paper cutting and Mandarin Chinese. In classroom, students were enthusiastic to follow instructions from teachers and volunteers and actively showed their learning results. All students enjoyed experiencing the time-honored Chinese culture.


Nice tongue twister!

Take look at our Tai Chi!

Do you like our paper cutting works?

4.Enjoy the Virtual Sightseeing of Wuhan

Influenced by the COVID - 19, summer camp had to carry out some online classes about the scenery and culture in Wuhan. This helped the students have a better understanding on Hubei Province Museum, Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge and Guo Zao culture in Wuhan, while there are many Minzhu (ethnic nationalities) and different living styles in China. Students expressed that they could feel the enthusiasm of the people in Wuhan and experienced the characteristic Chinese culture.

The Virtual Sightseeing of Wuhan

5.CCNU Campus Live Broadcasting

To provide a vivid interaction with CCNU, we made a CCNU campus live broadcasting. Volunteers started from the north gate of Guizi Mountain campus, passing by many famous campus spots such as Boya square, Science Hall, University History Museum and Youming stadium and finally arrived at the south gate. Due to the time constraints, the introduction about South Lake campus were adopted as video and online presentation for students. Students can easily experience the atmosphere of humanism and CCNU own characteristics.

CCNU Campus Live Broadcasting

6.Experience and Harvest

At the closing ceremony, Professor Yu Xinguo gave recognized the achievements made by the participating students and expressed gratitude and congratulations to all students. Students thanked each summer camp volunteers for their hard work. At the same time, they said that through the summer camp activities of learning, they have benefited a lot.

Half a month's time is fleeting but extraordinary. Students spent an unforgettable summer vacation. Through learning together, sharing the unique customs and cultures, they fostered a strong friendship, which is believed to be a good memory for every student.


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