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    JI Keynote Lecture 2022-4

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    Topic: Speech Signal Modeling and Processing: Fundamentals and Applications

    Speaker: Prof. Christian Ritz

    Host By: Dr. Yann Berquin

    Time : 10:30-12:30, May 10(Tuesday) & 10:30-12:30, May 17(Tuesday)

    Meeting Link  :

    Password : 479321

    Speakers Information:

    Christian has held a position at UOW where he is currently a Professor. He is actively involved in several projects, including microphone array signal processing for the directional sound enhancement, acoustic scene classification, loudspeaker-based sound field reproduction and control and visual object classification using machine learning. He is currently a Distinguished Lecturer (2019 to 2020) of the Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA).


    Speech technology applications are regularly used in everyday life, such as talking to friends on your mobile (cell) phone, sending a short voice message using WeChat or automatically translating spoken Chinese to English. Part 1 of this Keynote lecture will introduce the fundamentals of speech signal processing that is used. Part 2 will introduce the fundamentals and basic signal processing techniques as well as providing an overview of the main techniques for evaluating the performance of speech signal processing applications.

    Central China Normal University Wollongong Joint Institute

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