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    JI Keynote lecture 2022-01

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    Topic: Introduction to Blockchain and its Applications

    Speaker: Dr. Yannan Li

    Host by: A. Prof Lei Niu

    Time 1: 16:00-18:00, Mar 28(Monday) 2022

    Meeting ID: 863 8103 7529

    Password: 362175

    Time 2: 10:00-12:00, Mar 31 (Thursday)2022

    Meeting ID: 853 5836 4449

    Password: 061220

    Meeting Link 2 :

    Speakers Information:

    Yannan Li is currently a lecturer at the Institute of Cybersecurity and Cryptology (IC²), University of Wollongong. Her main research interests are blockchain and cloud data security. She has published over 30 papers in reputational journals and conferences, such as IEEE TDSC, IEEE TIFS, IEEE JSAC, AsiaCSS etc.


    Blockchain is one of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century and is regarded as the pillar of the fourth industrial revolution. In this talk, we will provide a comprehensive introduction to blockchain. Specifically, we will start from the definition and the workflow of blockchain and introduce the key components to achieve a decentralized network. Moreover, we will show several latest research outcomes on blockchain-based applications, including blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based e-voting and etc.

    Central China Normal University Wollongong Joint Institute


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