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    JI Keynote lecture 2021-05

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    JI Keynote Lecture 2021

    Topic: System’s Co-Design Partnerships: Methods, opportunities, and future research agenda

    Time 1 : 9:30-11:30, Nov 25(Thursday)

    Time 2: 9:30-11:30, Dec 2 (Thursday)

    Speaker: Dr Mark Freeman

    Speakers Information:

    Dr Mark Freeman is the Associate Dean in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, and a senior lecturer in the School of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Wollongong, Australia. Dr Freeman’s research areas include: user experience design; human behaviour with information systems; human-computer interaction and learning technologies.


    This lecture series will focus on providing insight into the practice of systems co-design through several current research examples. Initially, the theories of co-design and users as design partners in the system’s development process will be discussed. A discussion of how the concept of co-design initially started with adult end-users focusing on the testing of developed technologies will follow. This presentation will also explore how the systems were developed with use of gamification techniques and the feedback from participants as an approach to increase the potential use of the systems.

    Central China Normal University Wollongong Joint Institute



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