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    JI Keynote Lecture 2019

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    Title: Enabling Industry 4.0 via Publish/Subscribe

    Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Professor, IEEE Fellow

    Abstract - In today's era of Big Data, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, many organizations rely on large-scale business processes that compose disparate microservices. To guarantee deterministic behavior, service-level agreements (SLAs) keep service provider and consumer in check. To effectively manage interactions across microservices, SLAs determine revenue, cost and customer satisfaction, but implementing and monitoring SLAs is often a manual and error-prone effort. Practitioners struggle with how to express, track, verify, manage, and enforce SLAs. This is further exacerbated by a rapidly increasing reliance on "everything connected" to track supply and demand across global supply chains.

    This talk presents a powerful microservices architecture enabled by a distributed publish/subscribe system platform that relies on events and allows stakeholders to track SLAs across the entire services ecosystem. Our approach leverages events available at every layer

    of the stack to efficiently manage large-scale processes and interactions. Questions such as the following are addressed:

    ● What is a microservices architecture and what are large-scale business processes?

    ● Where is the value in Big Data in motion for managing business processes?

    ● What run-time adaptations and performance optimizations can be implement for

    large-scale business process management?

    ● Which technologies and design patterns are most effective for monitoring SLAs in real-time?

    The talk draws from research conducted over the past decade by the Middleware Systems Research Group ( and leverages insights gained from the PADRES "Events and Services Bus" for enabling microservices-based architectures (

    Bio: Hans-Arno Jacobsen is a professor in Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences and an IEEE Fellow. His pioneering research lies at the interface between computer science, computer engineering, and information systems. He holds numerous patents and was involved

    in important industrial developments with partners such as Bell Canada, Computer Associates, IBM, Yahoo, and Sun Microsystems. His principal areas of research include the design and the development of middleware and distributed systems, event processing, service computing, and applications in enterprise data processing. He has held endowed faculty positions, such as the Bell Canada Chair in Software Systems at the University of Toronto and the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship at the Technical University of Munich.

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