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JI keynote Lecture 2020-3

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About the lecturer:


Dr. Markus Hagenbuchner   (Associate Professor at UoW)

Teaching in 2020:

· CSIT321: Project

· CSCI319: Distributed Systems

· ISIT200: Industry Placement

· CSCI446: Big Data Analytics

Research interests:

· Over 20 years in AI and Machine Learning.

· Development on new ML algorithms.

· Applications to Data Mining and Big Data:

- Intrusion detection.

- Fraud detection in medical claims.

- Web spam detection.

- 5 minute ahead energy demand prediction (AEMC).

- Radiotoxicity prediction from MRI.

- Microbeam energy deposition prediction.


Other roles:

· Academic Program Coordinator (BIT)

· Vice-chair of the International Association for Pattern Recognition

· Reader of international standing for the Australian Research Council


Topic of keynote lectures:

Keynote lectures, two hours each, will be given online on 13/November/2020 at 8:30AM (Beijing time) and on 20/November/2020 at 8:30AM (Beijing time). The topics and content of the lectures are:


1. Introduction and overview.

2. Overview over some of the latest developments in AI.

3. Some problems in AI (with focus on deep learning).

4. A way ahead: Introduction to Fully Recursive Perceptron Networks.


1. Introduction and overview.

2. Topic and rest of content depends on feedback from students in the first lecture. Students can select a topic for this second lecture during a feedback session in the first lecture.

Meeting Link

The keynote lecture will be given online on Zoom. Six options are available to join the meeting:

Password: 067757

           Meeting ID: 824 8730 6910


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