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JI Keynote Lecture 2020-1

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Speaker: Associate Professor, Casey Chow

Lecture Topic: GPU Computing

Lecture Content:

     l What is GPU Computing 

l A background of parallel computing 

l An introduction to OpenCL 

l Parallel patterns and examples 

l The future of GPU computing

Meeting Links:

1. FRIDAY, 16 OCT 2020, 08:30-10:30 BEIJING TIME

Link to Webex Event:

Event number: 165 637 6726

Event password: VmWBoSPvkPs5aw

2. FRIDAY, 23 OCT 2020, 08:30-10:30 BEIJING TIME

Link to Webex Event:

Event number: 165 816 3543

Event password: UHUUDa3WmgKqrg

About the Speaker: Associate Professor Casey Chow received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Monash University, Australia. He is currently the Deputy Head of School for Teaching and Learning in the School of Computing and Information Technology, at the University of Wollongong, Australia. He is the Academic Program Director of the Bachelor of Computer Science, and the Academic Program Director of the UOWSIM programme in Singapore. As a member of the Institute of Cybersecurity and Cryptology, A/Prof. Chow’s main research interests include virtual reality, interactive real-time interfaces, multimedia security and cyber security. His work has been published in many international conferences and journals. He serves as a reviewer for several internationally renowned conferences and journals and is on the program committee of several conferences.


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