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2019-2020 Academic Year Scholarship Awarding Ceremony held at JI

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On the afternoon of December 9, the 2019-2020 Academic Year Scholarship Awarding Ceremony of JI was held in Classroom 101 of Nanhu General Building. 95 students from the 2018 and 2019 cohort were awarded more than 4,000,000 in total. Mr. Ren Youzhou, CCNU Vice President, together with the heads of the Finance Department, the Graduate School, Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, the National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning, and faculty representatives and students of JI attended the ceremony.

Vice President Ren Youzhou addressed

In his address, Mr. Ren Youzhou reviewed the achievements of JI in the past three years especially in 2019. He emphasized that CCNU and JI offered such a large amount of scholarship in order to encourage all the students to work hard to become talents in Information Technology and avail themselves of the strengths of the China-Australia cooperatively run institution. He put forward his three expectations upon the students.

Chen Kaiming spoke at the Ceremony

The winner of the National Scholarship and Full Scholarship of JI, Chen Kaiming from 2018 cohort shared his inspiring story. An underachiever as he was, he had spared no effort in his professional learning in the past one and half years, which contributed to his current achievement. He believed that chance favors only prepared minds. Thus he encouraged other students to work hard.

Zhang Xiaolin spoke at the Ceremony

Another representative of Full Scholarship winners, Zhang Xiaolin from 2019 cohort reviewed her life in the past three months. She shared her experience of anxiety at the beginning of the postgraduate study and how she adjusted to handle the pressure, such as the long journeys from their dormitory to the classrooms, the lectures offered in English, the endless difficult homework and tasks. It told them what it was like to study in a foreign university. She said that the life style was totally different from her previous undergraduate study. Hard as it was, the study in JI improved not only their academic competence but also their practical capacity and helped them find their future goal.

Then the winners of the National Scholarship, Full Scholarship, Endeavor Scholarship, Encouragement Scholarship and Alumni Scholarship were awarded respectively by Ren Youzhou and the heads who attended the ceremony.

 Wu Helin, Deputy Dean of JI awarded the Alumni Scholarship certificates

Huang Tao, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of NERCEL, awarded the Third Prize of Encouragement Scholarship certificates


Hong Feng, Deputy Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, awarded the Second prize of Encouragement Scholarship certificates

Li junling, Deputy Dean of the Graduate School (the Party Committee of Graduate Work Department), Awarded the First Prize of Encouragement Scholarship certificates


Yu Xinguo, Dean of JI, awarded the Endeavour Scholarship certificates

Wan Caixin, Director of the Finance Department, awarded the Full Scholarship certificates

Ren Youzhou, Vice President of CCNU, awarded the National Scholarship certificates

With the preparation initiated in 2012, JI was officially approved in 2016, and became the first China-foreign cooperatively-run Institute in CCNU, which can be regarded as a milestone in the process of CCNU’s internationalization. JI has launched master’s degree programs in Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering. Since 2016, it has recruited 281 students in total, among which 69 students received their degree from UOW and/or CCNU. It turned out that JI’s scholarship played an important role in improving the effect of student-recruitment and talent-cultivation. The employment rate of graduates in 2019 has reached 95%, of whom one third are employed by the Fortune 500 companies and large state-owned enterprises such as Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei and State Grid Cooperation of China.

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