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UOW College Deputy General Manager Heather Thomas Visits JI

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On November 28, Deputy General Manager of UOW College, Ms. Heather Thomas visited Central China Normal University Wollongong Joint Institute (JI) and had a meeting with JI’s Deputy Dean Mr. Wu Helin. They reviewed the 2019 ETS programs at JI and discussed the 2020 program and the future collaborations.

Heather Thomas reviewed the English training program conducted in 2019. She said, the average performance of the cohort 2019 at JI was better than that of other programs of UOW College and the feedback from the students was satisfactory. Thomas also spoke highly of the efforts made by the program lecturers.

In order to improve the efficiency of the course teaching, both parties agreed to adjust the duration of the ETS program and the orientation session of the Program.

Wu Helin, on behalf of the JI, expressed the gratitude to UOW College. UOW College has been playing an important role in promoting the students’ English competence and helping the students quickly adjust to the new life at JI. He also suggested that both sides explore new collaborations, such as hosting a new and separate program for the students beyond JI and CCNU at large.

After the conversation, Heather Thomas visited the new Nanhu (South Lake) Building. Wu Helin introduced the new offices and laboratories of JI as well as the public classrooms to Heather Thomas.

UOW College is a registered educational organization and a subsidiary of the University of Wollongong in Australia. From 2018, JI started to introduce the program of “English for Tertiary Studies” from UOW College and provided English training courses for the conditionally-enrolled students to ensure all of them meet the language requirements of UOW.


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