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Students of JI won Prizes in the 2018“SoftBank Robotics” Chinese Robot Skills Competition

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From December 7th to 9th, the 2018 "SoftBank Robotics" Chinese Robot Skills Competition hosted by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence was held at the Taizhou Science and Technology Museum. JI selected four teams to participate in this event.

After fierce competition, the design of the Invincible Team composed of 2018 cohort students Li Zhengquan, He Yan, Cui Jiandong and Zhao Xi stood out among the many teams and won the first prize of the Innovation Project. After three rounds of competition, the “Ying-ying-ying” Team won the second prize of the Robot Relay Project. The Madout Team won the third prize of the UAV skill challenge with its self- designed and assembled drone. The “No Team” Team won the third prize of the Pepper Robot Application Project.

The Invincible Team Participating in the Innovation Project

The design of the Invincible Team, entitled " Capsule Robots Based on Neural Network ", aims to explore how to apply artificial intelligence to the medical field. By writing technical reports and making PPTs, team members not only gained a better understanding of the CNN algorithm in deep learning, but also learned how to make a combination between theoretical knowledge and practical application. With strenuous efforts, four team members won the championship of the Innovation Project with their novel ideas, full preparations and excellent defenses.

The “Ying- ying- ying”Team Participating in the Robot Relay Project

According to the rules of competition and experience of the previous teams, the “Ying- ying- ying”Team independently designed the robot relay procedure before the competition and arrived at the stadium in advance to debug the robots.

Before the competition of robot relay, the players busy debugging

The design of the "No Team" Team was inspired by the parking lot. The Pepper robot visually recognizes traffic lights and guides pedestrians across the road to avoid mechanized work by manual command. Team members are skilled in controlling the robots with Python language and Choreography and have a deeper understanding of the knowledge of computer vision through the competition.

The four students of the Madout Team independently designed and assembled a simple drone equipment in one month. What’s more, their manipulative ability and collaboration spirit have greatly improved during this competition.

The competition attracted 288 teams including Central China Normal University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Xiamen University and Nankai University. This competition has seven categories such as service robots, sports robots, military robots, entertainment robots and covers almost all areas of robot exploration. It is a “feast for the robot fans”. The competition was aimed to provide a platform for college teachers and students to represent and exchange their research results and train talents for robotics in China.



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